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10 Must-Have Accessories To Flaunt Your Way Through Summer

10 Must-Have Accessories To Flaunt Your Way Through Summer

Summer is fast approaching. Crystal blue waters & warm white sand, here we come!

As we begin to embark on the sunshine season, our stylish accessories are also yearning for a spot under the sunlight. Whether you love bags, sandals, hats, or sunglasses, here is our roundup of some of the must-have accessories to step into summer in style.

1. The Go Anywhere Handcrafted Rattan Bags
Pay a close attention to all your favorite IG stores or influencers and chances are, you’ll catch a glimpse of these sleek woven, handmade and Ecco friendly straw bags, marking their presence this season. While ethnic bags have traditionally been reserved for beach vacations, these bohemian staples have made their way into everyday use and can be suitable for any occasions. If you love and appreciate nature, then you’ll be thrilled to invest in this functional and beautiful bag, with styles ranging from raffia, bamboo or wicker. Go ahead, spoil yourself with one of this one-and-done carryall Rattan Bag and be the envy of all your followers.


2. The No Fuss Pom Pom Beach Totes
Let’s cheer for these mood lifters, engraved with fun expressions like “Spice Things up” or “Paradise Pretty Please.” These structured little totes pack a punchy attitude, and are the best punctuation to any sleek look. Extremely versatile and a lot of fun, the adorned Pom Poms add a touch of whimsy. Not just perfect for the beach, but any casual outings. Its large size and resilience makes it ideal for carrying laptops, beach towels, clothes, sunglasses, and other accessories, without being too bulky. Can we just say, it is the perfect beach tote for all your exciting adventures!

3. The Playful Tassel Earrings
Dangle, structured or asymmetric, whatever style they come in, the longer, the brighter, the better. You can’t miss these colorful pendants when you see them. They are classy and add a whole new focus to the face. And yet are soft enough to wear with any outfit, especially bare shoulder ensemble. We’re definitively paying homage to this season’s playful color by making this statement accessory one of our favorite.

4. The Everyday Sunglasses
The outfits may change, but one item stays the same: that perfect pair of sunnies that goes with everything in your wardrobe. From round glasses so opaque you wonder how anyone can see through them to silver aviators so reflective they can stand-in as legit mirrors, the perfect sunnies can elevate your summer game so you can keep winning.. Make sure that your shades offer total UV protection.

5. The Eye Catching Straw Hat
As the ultimate warm-weather accessory, a straw hat deserves a place in your summer wardrobe. Add a little extra flare to your weekend or beach ensemble and play with fun color scheme that’ll easily match with anything you pair it with. The best part? It folds easily for travel in your beach bag without compromising its shape.

6. The Insulated Stainless Reusable Bottle
Every New Year resolution you vow to drink more water but come summer, that will power is far gone unless you stick to these fashionable flasks. Cedar's insulated stainless containers are pretty to flaunt without skimping on style and functionality. Never be without water or any drink of your choice, whether it is to keep it warm or cold. And take these reusable water bottles anywhere to quench your thirst & hydrate as you soak up the sun.

7. The One of a Kind Seashell Sandals
Go bold or go home. Dive into summer most eye catching beach accessories. They are the perfect accessory for a bride to be or simply all your summer ventures. Plus, no two seashell sandal will ever be the same, just as unique as you are.

8 The Vintage BOHO Beach Towels
What’s not to love about them? A carefree summer deserves an equally free-spirited inspired beach towel. Their oversized round design warrants long days spent in the sunshine with your toes in the sand. They’re definitively the best deals under the sun!

9. The Convertible Beach Covers-Up
In the summertime, transitional dressing takes a whole new meaning. As far as we're concerned, whether Boho Chic covers-up are your favorite, or floral embroidery, you can have a different look every day effortlessly without sacrificing style and comfort. Wear these stunning beach covers-up over a bathing suit or with light pants & enjoy your summer days carefree.

10. The Paparazzi Insta-Cam
Take pictures, it last a lifetime! But don’t miss a beat either & be prepared to capture all your fun memories and embarrassing moments too. Besides, what happens this summer, stays on Instagram.

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